24 June 2013

Chapter 6 – The snotty male model

 The video shoot turned out to be quite a giggle, though not necessarily for Jud. On day one, the first scene we shot was me driving Jed’s beautiful white convertible BMW down Melrose avenue. I think we had only been filming for 10 minutes when I reversed around a corner, scraping Juds beautiful paintwork along the curb. Jud was understandably distraught the poor guys, but he quickly recovered … needless to say that was the first and last time I drove his car.

 The next scene took place on Santa Monica beach. Our plan was for Benny (the male model) and I to run along the beach holding hands frolicking in the surf … and then kiss (original I know). However seconds before we practised the scene I saw to my absolute horror, that he had snot on his top lip! I was faced with the awkward scenario of telling him, or I could just ignore it and ‘be a professional.’

Well of course I wasn’t about to do that so before the camera man yelled action I yelled for Fran, the lovely little bubbly make up artist. While staring her hard in the face I said “I think Benny’s a bit shiny and might need a touch up!” Fran starts dusting him down then exclaims “oh jeez you’ve got a big booger hanging off your face there deary!” She wipes him down leaving him booger-free and me red-faced but oh-so thankful. So despite the extremely unromantic scenario that just took place we kissed awkwardly, and ran through the FREEZING cold water pretending we were very much in love.

I thought this would be the worst of it in terms of awkward humiliating shenanigans but it wasn’t to be, there was far worse waiting for me around the corner ….


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