17 May 2016

Chapter 32 – Signing with Sony Music

It felt like months were passing … and in fact, months were passing and all of my time was spent discussing contracts. I was itching to sign with Sony so I could just get on and start writing, but the contract between Jud and I was still going back and forth, and it was taking it’s toll on us both. It had been a long time since Jud and I had actually spoken too; everything that was going on with the contract had put a rather large spanner in our relationship which I was very sad about. Our lawyers continued to fight our corners, and while Stephen (my Hugh Grant look-a-like lawyer) was doing a great job on my behalf, I desperately wanted it to end … so I called a halt to it. I think Stephen would have preferred to continue fighting various points but I was eager to put this behind me and move forward. I hoped this wouldn’t be the end of my relationship with Jud, but I’m happy to tell you it wasn’t. In time we resumed our musical relationship and thanks to Sony I even flew back to the states to write with him again. He’s a great guy, a great writer and we’ve remained friends to this day.

So finally it was time to sign on the dotted line. I can’t tell you the relief I felt … I was starting to think Sony might lose interest, but they didn’t. I signed with Windswept, with Emily (my manager) and finally, with Sony.

I took the train to Sony HQ (as I was living with my folks in Essex at the time) and met Emily at the station. Together we went to Muff’s office, and I had to stop myself from galloping cowboy-style into his office and screaming ‘YEEEHAAAA’ at the top of my voice. I think Muff was aware of how frustrated I had been, and he was a real gem about it all – he seemed as chuffed as I was, that the day had finally come.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in this scenario – you’ve seen the films … would there be cigars? semi-naked women? a party of sorts? champagne? well perhaps if I was signing with a rock band there may well have been all of those things but as it was, it was quite civilised. There was Muff, the lovely George (remember George from chapter 15? ) Lincoln, and some other dudes I don’t quite remember. We sat round a large oval table and I signed my name. It was that simple … then we opened some champers!

I floated home on cloud nine, and arrived to find Andy and my folks over the moon … and my lovely dad had bought me a large bouquet of flowers. We celebrated that night and I could not have been happier. Had this happened in this day and age I probably would have instagrammed the whole experience, but this was back in the day when mobile phones still resembled small bricks so alas, I have none … except this snap of me and my dad (who appears to look remarkable like Peter Griffin in this photo!) and the flowers.

Things were about to change drastically for Andy and I, as not only was I now a Sony recording artist, but I also had some CASH. We were moving to London baby!