30 September 2015

Exciting happenings …

Hello dearies,Apologies for the recent lull in ‘How not to be a rock star’ … I’ve been so busy of late. I’ve had all fingers deep in some musical pies recently and I’m pleased to report there are some exciting happenings on the horizon! For the first time in a long time music is filling my time / head / heart and it feels GOOD!

Exciting happening #1

The first exciting happening is a side project which I can’t tell you anything about yet. (Sorry, that was a bit of an anti-climax wasn’t it?) It’s a secret. BUT all will be revealed in November.


Exciting happening #2

The second exciting happening isn’t really exciting for you, and it isn’t really a happening … it’s exciting for me because I’ve been getting my finger out and sorting a new website! but the things on it will be exciting.

Exciting happening #3

The THIRD happening is very exciting. At the end of this month myself, Andy Platts and Jon kelly will be heading into the studio with a bunch of super talented musicians to record my next release! We’ve been in pre-production this month and it’s all sounding … well I’m not telling, you’ll have to wait and see!

That’s all. I’ve said ‘exciting’ too many times now.
Happy autumn people!

JM x