18 November 2016

Chapter 24 – Pasty Dave and the pot head musicians.

Like many musicians, Andy and I liked a smoke. Yea we smoked fags, well roll ups to be exact but we also smoked quite a bit of weed (AKA Marijuana, Cannabis, hash, hashish, puff, pot etc). I wasn’t really planning on discussing this aspect of our life as it’s not really something I want my aunt Doris to read about, but...
16 September 2016

Chapter 23 – Mildred and the litter tray

I can’t sleep in Mildred’s daughters freaky doll-infested room. I toss and turn, convinced the dolls are turning their freaky little heads as soon as I shut my eyes. I’ve been trying to ignore it, but I desperately need the loo so I gather my courage and venture out to find the bathroom. I open the bedroom door and step out...
30 June 2016

Chapter 21 – Dirty rotten songwriting plagiarists

I was starting to write regularly with various songwriters, and through every experience I learned something new. For the most part these were positive learning experiences but sometimes it could be disappointing … with a few “Oh no you didn’t” moments thrown in for good measure (for the record, in my head that sounded like Tyra Banks, it doesn’t have same impact with...
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