16 July 2013

Chapter 8 – Meeting record labels

So now we had the songs, the photos and the video. Our next step was meeting the record labels! Jud had penned quite a few successful hit songs in the past and as a result had made some good connections. So it wasn’t hard to arrange meetings with labels.

I was starting to feel like I was leading a double life. The girl in the video was not who I really was. Musically she was poppy and sassy and I was dark and quirky. But this was a great opportunity, working, writing and learning from Jud, meeting labels. This may not be who I’d eventually become but it was a great place to start.
Jud had arranged a handful of meetings in New York City, so my guitarist (and then boyfriend) and I quickly began rehearsing. Performing has always come naturally to me. I love connecting to an audience and the honesty in my performance is one of my strengths. But geling with the music was becoming a struggle for me. I have more in common with Bjork than Britney, and if I can’t relate to what I’m singing how the hell was I going to perform it to the biggest record labels in the world??
I was no longer allowed to hide behind a piano so I had to work on being a ‘front woman.’ Jud said I’d  need to ‘ooze confidence, be sexy and show them I’m the real deal’ …. I didn’t want to act sexy cos it’ll just look cringy and contrived. I was happy to ‘dress’ sexy, but in terms of performance I had to do what came naturally. The songs were rehearsed, my red PVC outfit was at the ready (wasn’t as trashy as it sounds – honest) but NOTHING could have prepare me for the week that was to follow…