28 May 2015

Chapter 10 – and now for the songs

As this is a music blog, I’ve decided to open up a little and start actually sharing some of the songs I’ve been writing about in this blog. The song’s I’ll be sharing date back from the year 1999, and will continue right through to the present day as the story progresses. Most of these will be demos, and you’ll see they’re all incredible varied; you’ll hear the different genres I worked through, the changes in style as I worked with various producers, you’ll hear different aspects of my voice (not all good I might add) but it will give an idea of the journey many artists go through before an album comes into existence. You’ll see my development unfold, but you’ll also see (and hear) it come full circle I expect.

Some of these song I love wholeheartedly – I’m very open and honest in my writing, and while I tell you one story, they may tell you another. But while I’m present in all of these songs, some my heart was in, and others it was not … some make me want to crawl under a rock and chew my own ears off. So you too, may find you hate one but love another. But this is not about comparison, it is simply about a journey I took, so please do be kind!

Heads we go 

Written by Jodie May
Produced by Andy Platts

So to get you up to date, here is the very first song that features in this story. This was written in 1999 and it’s called Heads we go. This song featured on the video I sent to Jud all those years ago before this whole journey began … I then recorded the song at home with Andy in 2000. If you do enjoy any of these songs, you’re welcome to download them for free – there’s a link in the top right of soundcloud.

If you can’t see the track above please click here


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  1. Ross Turner

    Heads We Go. Great song. Why have I never heard of you before? Reminds me of first hearing Kate Bush do one of her piano and vocal ballads. A sweet but mesmerising melancholy. I have stumbled on you and your blog by random chance because I saw the KT Bush band are doing a gig at the Hertford Corn Exchange next February, so checked their website out and saw footage of you performing there with them last year. Saw you’d had an EP out some years back, watched the video of Tattoo on You Tube and was instantly hooked – backed up by the other 4 tracks on your EP, all great by Oh What A Day particularly plaintive and ended up playing it ’til 2am and several times this evening. Read you’ve left KT Bush Band so shame won’t get to see you perform live with them but certainly hope this long-planned LP materialises and you do some solo gigs to promote it, as I think you have a rare talent. There’s something really haunting about your vocal, you don’t sound like Kate but you have that same innocent-experienced vibe going on in your voice, and take it from someone who saw her live back in the early days, I really think it’s a crime you’re not a star already. Really enjoying the blog too – maybe next year will be the one for you. By they way, did you know there’s another Jodie May on youtube who’s a singer songwriter? Tad confusing…